Your safe haven for questions: HEINDL’s FAQ section

Do you have questions about HEINDL GERMANY’s safes? Check out our FAQ section and find answers to all your queries. From the different types of safes to the installation process, we’ve got you covered.

Which types of safes do I need?
There are different types of safes available in the market, each with their own advantages. The most common types of safes are those with a digital keypad. Alternatively, there are safes that can be equipped with a biometric lock or a fingerprint lock. The advantage of a digital lock is that it allows the possibility to store multiple codes, enabling family members to access the lock in case of an emergency. However, all stored codes can be deleted by the person who possesses the “Master Code.” On the other hand, the advantage of a fingerprint lock or a biometric lock is that there is no need to remember a numerical combination. Find the perfect safe type for your needs!
Which safe security levels are available?
Safes are manufactured in different security levels, depending on their intended use and the level of protection they need to provide. The security levels of safes are based on their resistance to burglary attacks, fire, and other threats. The security levels of safes can be classified ranging from grades 1 to 6, with 1 being the lowest security grade and 6 being the highest. The classification takes into account factors such as the material, thickness, and construction of the safe, as well as the locking mechanism and other features. It is important to choose a safe with the appropriate security level for your needs, based on the value and type of items you want to protect. Secure your valuables properly!
Why should you buy your luxury safe from Heindl Germany?
HEINDL Germany is a reputable German company that specializes in high-quality safes and security solutions. Our safes are made using the latest technology and highest quality materials to ensure that they offer maximum protection against theft, fire, and other threats. Additionally, we offer a wide range of safes to choose from, including custom-made solutions tailored to meet your specific security needs. Finally, we are committed to providing excellent customer service and support, ensuring that you get the right safe for your needs and that it is installed and maintained properly. Overall, buying a German safe from HEINDL is a smart investment in the safety and security of your valuable assets. Indulge in German craftsmanship!
What are the PROs of the advanced security techniques from Heindl safes?
HEINDL is a leading manufacturer of high-quality safes that incorporates advanced security techniques in their products. One of the key techniques employed is the use of sophisticated locking mechanisms, such as biometric scanners, electronic combination locks, and keyless entry systems, which provide optimal security against theft and unauthorized access. Additionally, our safes feature multi-layered fireproofing, which provides protection against fire and other hazards. We also use premium materials in the construction of our safes, such as high-grade steel and impact-resistant composite materials, which add an extra layer of security. The leading PRO of the advanced security technology from HEINDL lies in the patented super-lightweight construction of the safes. This ensures that HEINDL provides maximum security with minimal weight. Benefit from HEINDL’s advanced security techniques!
Which materials are being used for Heindl safes?

HEINDL safes are constructed using only premium materials which provide superior protection and durability. One of the main materials used is high-grade steel, which is renowned for its strength and resistance to physical attacks. We also use special composite materials, such as ceramics and reinforced concrete, which offer excellent fire resistance and impact protection. Furthermore, we incorporate state-of-the-art locking mechanisms and innovative security features in our safes, making them the most secure and reliable safes on the market.

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Are Heindl safes fireproof?
HEINDL safes are designed to offer superior protection not just against burglary but also against fire. Our safes are engineered to withstand not just the intensity of flames but also the effects of fire suppression efforts, including the use of firefighting water, foam, and other fire suppressants. HEINDL safes are built with high-quality materials that are fire-resistant and offer different levels of fire protection. For instance, some models can withstand fire for up to 120 minutes, protecting the contents from heat and smoke damage. HEINDL safes are thoroughly tested and certified to ensure that they can withstand extreme conditions, such as high temperatures, flames, and smoke. Protect your possessions against fire!
How are Heindl safes being delivered and installed?
We at HEINDL provide a professional delivery and installation service to ensure that customers receive their safes securely and can start using them immediately. Our company’s trained technicians use specialized equipment to transport and install safes, ensuring that they are positioned correctly and anchored securely in place. This is particularly important for larger safes, which can be challenging to be moved and installed properly. By choosing our delivery and installation services, customers can be asured that their safe will be installed correctly and that will provide the maximum level of protection. Have your safe properly installed!
What kind of consultation is available before the purchase?
We at HEINDL GERMANY offer a personal and individual consultation for the purchase of each luxury home safe. We understand that each customer has unique requirements and preferences, and our team is dedicated to provide tailored solutions to meet those needs. With our expertise, customers can choose from a wide range of customization options that not only provide advanced security measures but also add elegance and style to their homes. From initial consultation to the delivery and installation, our team is committed to provide excellent customer service throughout the entire process. Get your personal consult!